-Dr. Ashima Srivastava

In the modern avatar of feminism, pant-wearing working women receive enough flak for being just as independent as she is homely. Today the changing face of modernism is a voice of women but iron clad in patriarchal attitude that at every step question the choice of having a choice!

So the millennial women ask: “Are we anxious or just getting over our angst?”. The answer is vividly found in various newspaper articles, on social media and other news portals containing articles which the new face of the modern woman: silent depression; its most covert form being so anxious about everything and everyone that recreational drinking transforms into abuse and in some cases, complete addiction.

The woman today is educated and equally wanting to make a difference to society but her own cause of being a woman is left up on posters decorated meekly on her office table. Deviating from norm gives her an identity but being the conformist traditionalist of a melange culture underneath it all, she succumbs to the pressures of society. Her support system is in the vast audience online where anonymity gives her the solace to vent and find like-mindedness away from regular society. These interactions and the thought prints on various blogs, if read in between the lines, showcase how anxiety is fed regularly to women for being committed to their own cause. Even female friendships and relationships cover down the commitment she shows to herself and it gets lost in labels and phrases of ridicule.

A woman is struggling for empowerment, and is getting defeated on being an individual and the diabolical arrangement of regret lead to apprehension. To relieve this apprehension, they engage in certain unfit habits such as impetuous shopping, excessing alcohol and/or nicotine consumption, or getting addicted to certain ‘under-the-table’ drugs.

The issues of the modern woman concern not only equality but the justice to be themselves as individuals. The tussle even in our educated mind-set is coming to foray when a woman is expected to not only complete her office work but additionally manage a home and lifestyle for those living in her home. The gender roles that society blindly accepts but brutally opposes are seen in our metros when a woman is rushing back in the evening to cook and provide for her family rather than going back for family time that motivates her to achieve equally. Her selfless work towards building up a life in her various roles leaves her clueless when even one part of this mechanism fails to function adequately. For the millennial woman, the most conflicting scenario are interpersonal relationships whether it is with her partner or friendships the over burdening on her nurturing self leaves her unheard and underappreciated.

The woman of today is constantly on a clock, educated to be married to produce for the good of society, but very often needs to be reset. However, the hypocrisy of society breeds anxiety and self doubt that lowers her empowerment to just thoughts in print or on paper.

A woman is not a machine, she is a being with potential and society as a whole, needs to realise that in today’s time a woman needs to be given respect, to just be. Her choices made for herself are the assets of a new herald of equal society with openness and higher form of self regard, booting anxiety out for good!


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